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The idea came up after visiting several “DailyPhoto” sites, particularly the one from Paris, which is my other favorite city. Since LisbonDailyPhoto was getting posts very irregularly, I decided to create this place. Although my skills and my Exilim Z110 are very limited, I hope to deserve your visit. Please leave your comments (any comments) so I can improve.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

O Terraço

It’s simply called “Terrace” cause it’s in the terrace of Chão do Loureiro Market. The second hand sofas, the colored chairs and the awesome view create a unique and very relaxed atmosphere. Undoubtedly the best place in the city to enjoy a fresh drink and a toast while watching the sunset. I must thank my friend Eunice for pointing it out to me.

See it in Google Maps or in bird's eye at Microsoft Virtual Earth


Blogger Nikon said...

Great shots, Carlos & a very nice idea!

12:14 PM  
Blogger Carlos said...

You can't imagine how cool it is. If it's cold after the sunset (like it was yesterday) you can even ask for a blanket. Besides, there's a well humored Italian waiter who claims himself as the house speciality that the ladies seem to sympathize with. lol

1:28 PM  
Anonymous MBairos said...

Este blog é um bocado chupista, mas não deixa de ter qualidade, depois vamos ai ao local dos sofás para beber umas bejecas, pode ser já para a semana que ainda tou de férias :o ehehehe

7:55 PM  
Blogger Isadora said...

:) You know with a blanket AND an Italian waiter....I may stay until sunrise.

What a fabulous idea. There is a cocktail lounge on top of a hotel in Washington, DC but no couch!

5:09 AM  

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